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Here you'll learn all about us: our philosophy, our products, prices and where we'll be selling next!  Find out how we came to be "Just Ducky" and even get hints and tips for the care and display of your favorite piercing!

We honor the rights of every person in regard to what they choose to do to their body.  A human being's body is their own to do with whatever they desire.  Body modification comes in many different forms and each change a person makes is both liberating and an expression of that person's individuality.  Tattoos and piercings are beautiful!  Any person with the courage to possess such marvels and show them to the world gets "Three Quacks Up" in our book!

OOOH!!! Look at that!!!
OOH!! Just Ducky!
You got your jewelry from Just Ducky too!!

What's New?

1/7/03-Just Ducky is officially named!
1/9/03- Web site is started, its a challenge that is driving us "quackers"
1/11/03- Web site is done and on the web!
1/16/03- First sale date is set!!  See schedule page for details!!!
1/17/03- A special shout-out to Chrissy's Family Hair Salon, Hwy 170 Beaufort, first for the slammin' 'do and second for kindly placing our flyers on the front counter!  Go see Chrissy for all your hair needs!!!
1/18/03- THE VERY FIRST PURCHASE HAS BEEN MADE!  By word of mouth, before we ever "hit the streets"!  A special thanks to ROBIN!!!!

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.